Single, limited edition of 2,998 numbered copies, signed by the artist.




The production process
Cahier de Félins - Miquel Barceló | Artika

The printing process (in four and five colours) ensures that the colours in the original notebook are faithfully preserved.

Cahier de Félins - Miquel Barceló | Artika

Graphic arts experts check the illustrations down to the last detail before approving or discarding them, all under the artist’s supervision.

Cahier de Félins - Miquel Barceló | Artika

Hand-sewn using high-quality natural thread, the books have been individually signed by Miquel Barceló.

Cahier de Félins - Miquel Barceló | Artika

The volumes are paperback and bound in ecru fabric. The expertise of the specialist bookbinders guarantees a perfect finish.

Cahier de Félins - Miquel Barceló | Artika

The box is handmade from solid maple. The top features a drawing produced exclusively for this work.

Cahier de Félins - Miquel Barceló | Artika

The top of the box is embossed using pyrography, a technique that involves burning the wood surface while regulating the intensity of the heat.

Cahier de Félins - Miquel Barceló | Artika

The band, which has a magnet clasp, is bound in the same way as the book and printed with the artist’s name.

Cahier de Félins - Miquel Barceló | Artika

Each volume is a unique handmade piece that has been carefully and individually printed, sewn, bound and packed.

The most precious and ancient collection of cave art in the world, the Chauvet Cave, is the main inspiration for this series of watercolours by Miquel Barceló. The visual impact that the artist experienced when he saw the paintings in the cave is reflected in this highly original work, which brings together two ages from art history.

Artika presents a limited edition of 2,998 copies, numbered and signed by the artist, in which Barceló offers his own unique view of the Chauvet Cave.

Cahier de félins features reproductions of 37 drawings published in a monumental notebook, a series of feline figures in which Barceló fuses past and present movement in one strong, assured brushstroke

The Study Book has been devised to give the reader that same sensation – that same visual impact and excitement the artist felt on entering the cave. All the elements necessary for discovering Chauvet’s main features, carefully explained by leading specialists.

By way of a final touch, the work includes a reproduction of one of the watercolours from Cahier de félins, selected by Barceló himself.

Conceived according to the artist’s guidelines, a natural, elegant maple wood box contains all the exclusive elements of this unique piece. It features a heat-engraved self-portrait of Miquel Barceló in which he depicts himself as a feline, created exclusively for this edition, and which lends more strength and personality to this unique work.

  • Caja de madera de arce blanco con impresión en pirograbado en la tapa
  • Faja de 15 cm de ancho en tela Rústica de algodón en color crudo con el nombre BARCELÓ estampado y cierre imantado
  • Tamaño: 49 x 37 x 5,5 cm
Libro de Arte

  • Cubierta forrada en tela Rústica de algodón en color crudo con reproducción de un dibujo exclusivo de Miquel Barceló para la obra
  • Impreso a 4 tintas
  • Tomo numerado y firmado por Miquel Barceló
  • Número de páginas: 144
  • Tamaño: 43 x 33 cm
Libro de Estudios

  • Cubierta forrada en tela Rústica de algodón en color crudo
  • Impresión combinada a cinco y a 2 tintas sobre dos tipos de papel
  • Estampación en seco a la cara
  • Número de páginas: 112
  • Tamaño: 43 x 33 cm
Carpeta + Lámina numerada

  • Lámina seleccionada por Miquel Barceló con la misma numeración que el ejemplar correspondiente de la obra
  • Impresión 4 + 1 tintas
  • Hendido y plegado en díptico con papel traslúcido protector
  • Tamaño: 88 x 33 cm